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Canwealth is more efficient than traditional banks, credit unions or trust companies; so it can provide faster financing for projects. Applications can be approved in a few days, or even a day, rather than a few weeks.
In addition, Canwealth has greater flexibility to manage its relationship with the borrower. We can solve many kinds of problems:
  • First mortgages and second mortgages;
  • Old immigrants, lack of credit, low taxed income;
  • No income proof, non-resident, new immigrants;
  • Large land and construction loans;

 Loan programs

  • Land and land assembly financing for: stacked townhomes and traditional townhomes, single detached homes, low-rise and midrise condominiums
  • Bridge and term financing
  • Construction loan financing
  • First and second mortgages


  • Loan amounts generally: $50,000 to $5,000,000
  • Generally interest payment only
  • Limited recourse
  • Usually 1-2 year terms, other terms are available