Mission And Vision

Mission And Vision

by canwealthmic


Our Concept:
Our core foundation is investment security of our clients’ benefit;
Our core responsibility is support for small and medium enterprises;
Our core standpoint is development with integrity.

Our Mission:
To satisfy customers,
to satisfy employees,
to satisfy society and government,
and to satisfy shareholders.

Our Desire:
To create a top-ranking corporation and management;
To become a first-class team;
To attain outstanding achievement and build a world-renowned mortgage investment brand.


  • Established in 2016
  • Office is located in Downtown
  • Business scope: investments and mortgage loans
  • There are seven existing staff members.
  • Language: English, Mandarin and Cantonese

   About Canwealth

Canwealth Mortgage Investment Corporation(CMIC), whose operation is managed by Canwealth Financial Management Corporation (CFMC), is a non-bank mortgage institution focusing on mortgage investments. Our business is primarily to provide investment solutions which can maximize the benefits of individual and institutional investors, achieve the optimal risk control, and maintain value-added wealth  as a goal.

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Canwealth Wechat

Phone: +1 778 988 8888
Mail: info@canwealthmic.com

Choose Canwealth because you need a solid financial platform. Choose Canwealth because you seek high returns and consistent income. Choose Canwealth because you believe that tomorrow matters.

How can we accumulate $ 1 million quickly?

China’s richest man Mr. Li Ka-shing made an analogy: a person now starts investing $15,000 per year, and getting an average annual rate of 15%; after 40 years  the wealth will increase to $102.81 million .

The investments of Canwealth are secured by collateral, and we will make a careful assessment of each property before funding. As mentioned earlier, we follow the strict due diligence and investigation procedures similar to the bank. In spite of this, any investment will be accompanied by potential risks which are greatly mitigated by a good real estate lending policy. The investment in Canwealth Mortgage Investment Corporation is your best choice.

Our goal is to provide investors with excellent, attractive and rewarding investment opportunities with low risks and high returns.