What We do

What We do

by canwealthmic

Canwealth Mortgage Investment Corporation (Canwealth MIC) is located in the Greater Vancouver area in BC and is comprised of an experienced team of professionals. Canwealth MIC is managed by Canwealth FMC and is a non-bank mortgage institution engaged in the mortgage investment business.

MIC’S Features:

Loan-to- Value Ratio (LTV)
A MIC will set the maximum mortgage ratio up to 75% of the total appraised property value. For example, Tom wants to buy a $ 100,000 property, so he can borrow up to $ 75,000 from the MIC.

Flow-Through Investment
A MIC preferred share as a flow-through investment means that the company does not have to pay taxes. Because 100% of the net income will eventually flow into the hands of investors, then investors will pay dividends taxes for the MIC just like an interest income.

The MIC may provide loans directly or indirectly, and the mortgaged properties include: residential, commercial and industrial. MIC can also be involved in a syndicate mortgage loan.

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Phone: +1 778 988 8888
Mail: info@canwealthmic.com

   About Canwealth

Canwealth Mortgage Investment Corporation(CMIC), entrusting its business management to Canwealth Financial Management Corporation (CFMC), is a non-bank mortgage institution which focuses on mortgage investments. Our business is primarily to provide investment solutions which can maximize the benefits of individual and institutional investors, achieve the optimal risk control, and maintain value-added wealth  as a goal.

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Choose Canwealth because you need a solid financial platform. Choose Canwealth because you seek high returns and consistent income. Choose Canwealth because you believe that tomorrow matters.

Controlled Risk and High Stable Return

We have always  committed to our investors to maximize investment return, often much more reliable than incomes from securities, stocks, bank deposits and other investments. Waren Buffett used the power of compound interest in the management of Berkshire Hathaway for 50 years, and then he realized a growth rate of  21.6% per year, now becoming  1,826,163% of the original investment.

The investments of Canwealth are secured by collateral, and we will make a careful assessment of each property before funding. As mentioned earlier, we follow the strict due diligence and investigation procedures similar to the bank. In spite of this, any investment will be accompanied by potential risks which are greatly mitigated by a good real estate lending policy. The investment in Canwealth Mortgage Investment Corporation is your best choice.

Our goal is to provide investors with excellent, attractive and rewarding investment opportunities with low risks and high returns.